About us

Our business is to evolve and grow your business.

Our strength comes from the extensive expertise in building and operating ship management companies worldwide. We provide sustainable solutions for any complexities in technical management, ancillary technical services and holistic crew management.

In Energios, we believe that effective corporate governance is the foundation of a well-run business. We set clear responsibilities relating to Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) matters for our leaders, employees and partners to ensure that our business is sustainable in every sense of the word.


One day we will all realize our true potential.


We nurture, energise and accelerate attitudes & actions so maritime companies can be resilient and reactive to disruption & business change.


Vijay Rangroo

Founder & CEO

Vijay Rangroo is the Founder & CEO of Energios, a broad-spectrum Maritime Consulting Company...

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Jaideep Dhamankar

Managing Director & Partner

Capt Jaideep Dhamankar, has a seafarer background and more than 15 years ashore in high quality Crew and...

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Y K Misra

Head of Crewing

As the Head of Crewing Division, Capt Yogendra Kumar Misra looks beyond the seafarer’s current employment...

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